Embrace Your Fear

Fear of public speaking is widespread – as high as 28% of the population according to some statistics. As leaders, this is often a requirement of the role; moreover, if we aren’t using this to our advantage, we are missing out on tremendous opportunities to influence others. Often our emotions, including fear, anxiousness and self-doubt, get in the way. Here are some great suggestions by Stephanie Scotti, who quotes from the new book by my colleague Susan David. Enjoy!

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Courageous Leadership

I have been thinking a lot this week about courageous leadership. How do we continue to stand up for what we believe in, even when we know we may be taking a risk? How do we continue to forge ahead with ideas and beliefs, even in the face of uncertainty? Here’s an article that is a great reminder on how to do that, one day at a time. Enjoy, my fearless leaders!

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Mentoring: An Investment in the Future

Think for a moment about a person who made a significant difference in your career. Perhaps it was a boss, another key leader in your organization, a revered family member, who provided time, advice, wisdom and/or introductions. A wise mentor of mine told me as I was getting a new program off the ground, “The more attention you get about this from the outside, the more respect you’ll get for it on the inside.” I have passed that wisdom on many times! Mentoring is shown to be one of the most effective and efficient ways in developing emerging talent in an organization and increasing retention of key staff. Here’s a quick reminder – enjoy!

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Want Your Office Back?

It is amazing how often I talk with executive leaders about their need for office organization and space to do work. Increasingly, I find this is a basic need that we address in terms of ability to concentrate, think strategically, and work and lead efficiently. Here is a thought-provoking article about how many CEOs, particularly in the tech industry, are changing their thinking (and organizing) on this topic. Enjoy!

CEOs Want Their Offices Back


Getting Along with Millenials at Work

“How to Work with Millenials” is all the rage these days. As you can see from this great article, good management of people of that demographic is a lot like good management of everybody else. We all want to feel valued, be recognized for our contributions, have enough flexibility that our lives are not out of control, and see how what we are doing now can contribute to our career goals. I suggest we all apply these principles below to managing Millenials, and incorporate them in our management of all our team members.


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Executive Coaching Group, Alexcel, Selects The Maue Center President as Member

The Alexcel Group, an elite group of world class executive coaches has selected Carolyn Maue, President of The Maue Center as member.

{Pittsburgh, PA/Orlando, FL, May 2, 2017}  Carolyn Maue, President of The Maue Center was recently selected as a member of The Alexcel Group, an elite international alliance of highly experienced consultants and executive coaches. “Only those executive consultants who have a proven track record of achieving results for clients and who meet Alexcel’s stringent professional standards are invited to join our alliance. All Alexcel coaches and consultants work as experts in their areas of specialization and we manage our engagements personally instead of delegating our projects down to other team members. And because our executive consultants run independent businesses, we are nimble and offer clients excellent service without a lot of overhead. Our members are world class leaders in executive development, team building and organizational development. We help you achieve sustainable success through leadership excellence. Executive coaches and consultants of our international alliance are located in Europe, Asia, and throughout the US,” according to the group’s website.

Dan Feldman, President of Leadership Performance Solutions and Managing Director of Alexcel Group noted that, “Carolyn’s demonstrates tremendous strengths as a coach and consultant and creates new synergies for our group.  She embodies the three pillars that Alexcel Group’s 34 members rely upon among each other to deliver the highest caliber of service– building community, sharing knowledge, and collaboration. Our team can leverage Carolyn’s tremendous value to become an even greater resource for our clients.”

Gay Fogarty, Ph.D., Leadership Development Coach, Founder and Managing Director at The Fogarty Group sponsored Carolyn’s consideration with the Alexcel Group.  Gay states “I was thrilled to be able to nominate my colleague and good friend for membership in Alexcel.  One of the hallmarks of Alexcel is the on-going exchange of knowledge and experience by this International Network of highly vetted, experienced and well qualified Executive Coaches and Leadership Development Consultants.  I am certain that Carolyn will have much to add to this amazing group with her diverse background of providing high quality and valuable services to both executive coaching and organizational consulting in corporations and non-profits.”

Carolyn Maue established The Maue Center in 2004 and serves as a trusted resource to leaders in envisioning the future for their organizations, and in building the leadership skill and capacity of leaders through leadership coaching and leadership team development. A successful entrepreneur and communicator, Carolyn is an expert in dealing with “people” issues in the workplace, consistently yielding positive change for the organizations she serves. The Maue Center supports forward-thinking executives to guide leaders in growth strategies to increase their effectiveness, and to increase their ability to use power with wisdom to positively impact their teams, organizations, and communities.  Carolyn’s mission is to “Change the World One Leader at a Time,” knowing that strong leadership inspires those around them to be the best they can be.

Carolyn and The Maue Center consultants are excited and honored with this prestigious membership. The company will leverage these connections to continue to provide the highest caliber of leadership development and coaching.

Begin Your Bountiful Life!

Your best contribution yet:  Creating a lifestyle planning process for a fulfilling third chapter of life!

Join us for an all-day interactive workshop:  Bountiful Life

Executive and Career Coaches Carolyn Maue, Dee Flaherty and Rosemarie Perla invite you to this exciting initial workshop on envisioning and creating your next phase of life.

This workshop will include opportunities for discussion, self-reflection and individualized planning, assisting you to begin exploring the question: What are the elements that comprise a fulfilling life as I contemplate or embark upon this next phase?

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  • Mid-life professional who wants to envision the next phase of their life/work
  • On the cusp of retirement and needing to plan your next phase
  • Newly retired or planning to be soon

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  1. Explore and demonstrate the themes, barriers and strengths in planning the next stage of life and work, whether that be the next career, post-career or a combination
  2. Gather, hone and develop structures and tools that you can use to help you navigate this process
  3. Plan and take action steps that will help you move further on your path
  4. Identify and address attitudinal shifts that are necessary for successful movement forward, i.e., how to begin to envision and move through the various stages of change during this critical and exciting time of life.
  5. Address questions involving stage of life, values that are driving you, and establishing a vision for your next chapter.
  6. Explore the “checkerboard of choices,” including financial considerations, health considerations, family, etc.
  7. Develop a contingency plan in case there are unexpected health or financial incidents; ask: “How can I still contribute despite these compromises?”

Leave the workshop with a customized initial “Action Plan” to get you started on your “Third Chapter”

Workshop Details

Who:  Dee Flaherty, Carolyn Maue, Rosemarie Perla

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When: Saturday, May 20, 2017, 10 AM to 4:30 PM

Where:  Hampton Inn & Suites, 1247 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Full Day Workshop: $350

Early Bird Registration

(ends 4/30/17): $300

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Keynote Speaker – Ellis Katsof

Ellis is founder and CEO of MyProtirement, a business focused on changing peoples attitudes toward retirement. Retirement is no longer a destination; it is the first step in a transition toward “Protirement”, which is the pursuit of fulfilling activities in the third chapter of our lives. Protirement includes not retiring and gradually retiring, choices of many Baby Boomers today.

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Use the Eisenhower Box to be More Productive

Hello! I have been thinking a lot about managing time and tasks, and to that end, the “Eisenhower model” proves continuously helpful. Here is an article that helps us distinguish the difference between “urgent” and “important.” I also like it because it helps us to remember to just not do some things – how freeing is that?!! Enjoy!

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