Successful Futures with Stronger Leaders

Every organization is unique because of its leadership. Strong leaders must be in place to lead staff and teams in being efficient and effective, in overcoming challenges, and creating the solutions for the future. Together we can build the capacity of your leaders to assure success for your unique organization.

Carolyn Maue

Executive Coach, Consultant, President - The Maue Center

A successful entrepreneur and communicator, Carolyn Maue is an expert in dealing with “people” issues in the workplace, consistently yielding positive change and growth for the organizations she serves. Carolyn supports executive and emerging leaders in identifying their strengths and opportunities for development, clarifying goals for growth, and implementing effective, practical solutions. Since 2004, The Maue Center has been assisting companies in maximizing human potential in the workplace, through executive coaching of leaders and their teams to build leadership capacity.

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Program Options

Leadership Coaching

We use a three-phase coaching program that touches on assessment, problem solving, success, and sustainability. We’ll identify the leader’s strengths and developmental opportunities for building success skills.

Leadership Team Effectiveness

Retreats and facilitated meetings provide the format to clarify the Leadership Team’s goals. The team will gain the knowledge to clarify clear strategic goals, interdepartmental communication, and growth.

Organizational Consulting

We provide consultation to organizational leadership in the development and planning of programs that support the growth of the organization. Examples include leadership development programs, mentoring, and succession planning strategies.



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