How to Get Ten Hours of Your Week Back

I don’t know about you but when I saw the title of this article by my colleague Scott Eblin, I thought, “Who doesn’t need this????” He tells an all-too-familiar story of a busy executive who is trying to balance day after day of online meetings with family responsibilities. Scott then suggests a great technique for managing her scheduling and reclaiming some time for herself. I hope everybody does this so we all get 10 more hours a week! Enjoy!

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Want Your Office Back?

It is amazing how often I talk with executive leaders about their need for office organization and space to do work. Increasingly, I find this is a basic need that we address in terms of ability to concentrate, think strategically, and work and lead efficiently. Here is a thought-provoking article about how many CEOs, particularly in the tech industry, are changing their thinking (and organizing) on this topic. Enjoy!

CEOs Want Their Offices Back


Use the Eisenhower Box to be More Productive

Hello! I have been thinking a lot about managing time and tasks, and to that end, the “Eisenhower model” proves continuously helpful. Here is an article that helps us distinguish the difference between “urgent” and “important.” I also like it because it helps us to remember to just not do some things – how freeing is that?!! Enjoy!

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Manage Your Boss’ Time to Manage Your Own

I work a lot with leaders on “managing up.” This article is a good reminder that what we are actually doing is managing our time, by communicating directly with the boss about priorities, resources and goals. Here are some tips on doing just that. Here’s to us all being “happy managers”!

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