Begin Your Bountiful Life!

Your best contribution yet:  Creating a lifestyle planning process for a fulfilling third chapter of life!

Join us for an all-day interactive workshop:  Bountiful Life

Executive and Career Coaches Carolyn Maue, Dee Flaherty and Rosemarie Perla invite you to this exciting initial workshop on envisioning and creating your next phase of life.

This workshop will include opportunities for discussion, self-reflection and individualized planning, assisting you to begin exploring the question: What are the elements that comprise a fulfilling life as I contemplate or embark upon this next phase?

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Does this describe you?

  • Mid-life professional who wants to envision the next phase of their life/work
  • On the cusp of retirement and needing to plan your next phase
  • Newly retired or planning to be soon

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  1. Explore and demonstrate the themes, barriers and strengths in planning the next stage of life and work, whether that be the next career, post-career or a combination
  2. Gather, hone and develop structures and tools that you can use to help you navigate this process
  3. Plan and take action steps that will help you move further on your path
  4. Identify and address attitudinal shifts that are necessary for successful movement forward, i.e., how to begin to envision and move through the various stages of change during this critical and exciting time of life.
  5. Address questions involving stage of life, values that are driving you, and establishing a vision for your next chapter.
  6. Explore the “checkerboard of choices,” including financial considerations, health considerations, family, etc.
  7. Develop a contingency plan in case there are unexpected health or financial incidents; ask: “How can I still contribute despite these compromises?”

Leave the workshop with a customized initial “Action Plan” to get you started on your “Third Chapter”

Workshop Details

Who:  Dee Flaherty, Carolyn Maue, Rosemarie Perla

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When: Saturday, May 20, 2017, 10 AM to 4:30 PM

Where:  Hampton Inn & Suites, 1247 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Full Day Workshop: $350

Early Bird Registration

(ends 4/30/17): $300

Group Rate is available for 3 or more registrants –

call 412-606-0358 for details

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Keynote Speaker – Ellis Katsof

Ellis is founder and CEO of MyProtirement, a business focused on changing peoples attitudes toward retirement. Retirement is no longer a destination; it is the first step in a transition toward “Protirement”, which is the pursuit of fulfilling activities in the third chapter of our lives. Protirement includes not retiring and gradually retiring, choices of many Baby Boomers today.

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