Maue Center Partners to Serve as Exclusive Leadership Development Resource for the Florida Public Relations Association

Sarasota, FL, October 4, 2017 — The Maue Center has partnered with the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) to serve as a leadership development resource for members of the Association. FPRA offers members opportunities to develop leadership skills through LeadershipFPRA, State Board Meetings, Chapter Meetings and Annual Conference.

Carolyn Maue, President/CEO, and the consultants of The Maue Center help individual leaders and teams reach goals and build skills through leadership coaching, team effectiveness and organizational consulting. Through this partnership, Carolyn will teach leadership skills to educate and enhance FPRA members in becoming stronger leaders in their organizations, their communities and FPRA.

“FPRA is excited to enter this partnership with the Maue Center,” said FPRA President Ryan Gerds, APR, CPRC. “Last year we began working with Carolyn Maue during our inaugural LeadershipFPRA class and we immediately saw the value for our members, as leadership development is one of the most requested subjects for professional development.”

Carolyn Maue, Executive Coach, Consultant and President of the Maue Center, will serve as a breakout session speaker at the 2018 FPRA Annual Conference. She will also lead a session on “Leading and Managing” for the 2017-18 LeadershipFPRA program.

“The collaboration between my company, The Maue Center, and FPRA is a natural fit as the missions of both organizations focus on the importance of developing and preparing innovative leaders to enact positive and innovative change. We are thrilled with the success of our relationship already and look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead in maximizing the skills of current and future leaders of FPRA to address the challenges and opportunities ahead in FPRA chapters, companies, communities and the profession”


About the Maue Center
Carolyn Maue, President/CEO of The Maue Center, serves as a trusted resource to leaders in envisioning the future for their organizations, and in building the leadership skill and capacity of leaders through leadership coaching and leadership team development. A successful entrepreneur and communicator, Carolyn is an expert in dealing with “people” issues in the workplace, consistently yielding positive change for the organizations she serves. Carolyn established The Maue Center in 2004 to guide forward-thinking executives to guide leaders in growth strategies to increase their effectiveness, and to increase their ability to use power with wisdom to positively impact their teams, organizations, and communities. The Maue Center collaborates with innovative organizations in sectors such as healthcare, science and technology, higher education, and hospitality.


Additional information on The Maue Center, including informational videos describing our process, can be found at


About the Florida Public Relations Association

The Florida Public Relations Association is dedicated to developing public relations practitioners who, through ethical and standardized practices, enhance the public relations profession in Florida. The organization’s 16 professional and 12 student chapters provide professional development, networking and recognition opportunities for nearly 1,500 members across the state. FPRA is the nation’s oldest public relations organization, established by Lt. Col. John Dillin, APR, CPRC in 1938. For more information, visit


About LeadershipFPRA
LeadershipFPRA is an exclusive opportunity for FPRA members and provides participants tools to become stronger leaders. Graduates of the LeadershipFPRA program are better equipped to not only function as PR professionals in their respective workplaces, but also strengthen their rightful seat at the boardroom table and to evolve into further leadership roles in FPRA, their communities and the industry in general.

Executive Coaching Group, Alexcel, Selects The Maue Center President as Member

The Alexcel Group, an elite group of world class executive coaches has selected Carolyn Maue, President of The Maue Center as member.

{Pittsburgh, PA/Orlando, FL, May 2, 2017}  Carolyn Maue, President of The Maue Center was recently selected as a member of The Alexcel Group, an elite international alliance of highly experienced consultants and executive coaches. “Only those executive consultants who have a proven track record of achieving results for clients and who meet Alexcel’s stringent professional standards are invited to join our alliance. All Alexcel coaches and consultants work as experts in their areas of specialization and we manage our engagements personally instead of delegating our projects down to other team members. And because our executive consultants run independent businesses, we are nimble and offer clients excellent service without a lot of overhead. Our members are world class leaders in executive development, team building and organizational development. We help you achieve sustainable success through leadership excellence. Executive coaches and consultants of our international alliance are located in Europe, Asia, and throughout the US,” according to the group’s website.

Dan Feldman, President of Leadership Performance Solutions and Managing Director of Alexcel Group noted that, “Carolyn’s demonstrates tremendous strengths as a coach and consultant and creates new synergies for our group.  She embodies the three pillars that Alexcel Group’s 34 members rely upon among each other to deliver the highest caliber of service– building community, sharing knowledge, and collaboration. Our team can leverage Carolyn’s tremendous value to become an even greater resource for our clients.”

Gay Fogarty, Ph.D., Leadership Development Coach, Founder and Managing Director at The Fogarty Group sponsored Carolyn’s consideration with the Alexcel Group.  Gay states “I was thrilled to be able to nominate my colleague and good friend for membership in Alexcel.  One of the hallmarks of Alexcel is the on-going exchange of knowledge and experience by this International Network of highly vetted, experienced and well qualified Executive Coaches and Leadership Development Consultants.  I am certain that Carolyn will have much to add to this amazing group with her diverse background of providing high quality and valuable services to both executive coaching and organizational consulting in corporations and non-profits.”

Carolyn Maue established The Maue Center in 2004 and serves as a trusted resource to leaders in envisioning the future for their organizations, and in building the leadership skill and capacity of leaders through leadership coaching and leadership team development. A successful entrepreneur and communicator, Carolyn is an expert in dealing with “people” issues in the workplace, consistently yielding positive change for the organizations she serves. The Maue Center supports forward-thinking executives to guide leaders in growth strategies to increase their effectiveness, and to increase their ability to use power with wisdom to positively impact their teams, organizations, and communities.  Carolyn’s mission is to “Change the World One Leader at a Time,” knowing that strong leadership inspires those around them to be the best they can be.

Carolyn and The Maue Center consultants are excited and honored with this prestigious membership. The company will leverage these connections to continue to provide the highest caliber of leadership development and coaching.

Giving Thanks

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” –Thornton Wilder

This is the best thing about Thanksgiving, the giving thanks part. There’s lots of literature out there now about how gratitude is the foundational element of of a peaceful and contented life. And we have a holiday that provides us an opportunity to stop and think about that! I have begun a daily practice that helps me remember to be grateful. I ask myself three questions:

  1. What are three things that make me feel good about my life?
  2. What is a recent event that made me unhappy?
  3. How can I take that event and find good in it?

Invariably, this exercise helps me to be grateful for my many blessings – my health, my wonderful husband, my dear friends and family, my amazing clients, music in the world, the color of the autumn trees, a warm home to live in with abundant food. Contemplating recent events, and what good I can find in them, is humbling. It helps me to see that even in the midst of illness of friends, an unstable political climate, an imperfect world, that I still can find strength to find good in it, and often, do something about it.

On this Thanksgiving, let’s take it up a notch! Let’s be sure to reflect ourselves on the many blessings we have in our lives – our amazing families, colleagues, organizations, communities, homes, neighborhoods, cities, and recommit to finding the good and light in even the darkest situations. Let’s remember the many courageous people who went before us, Pilgrims, Native Americans, immigrants, and seekers alike, who took those steps forward into an unknown world, doing the best they could, sharing what they had, and giving thanks for it. May we be inspired to do the same, in this day and age, one step at a time, with gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leading and Managing


Had a great day with the inaugural class of “Leadership FPRA” of the Florida Public Relations Association, as I presented and facilitated and all day session on “Leading and Managing.” The inspiring, talented PR professionals focused their day on becoming even more effective leaders and sharing their insights  and knowledge with one another on topics including leadership strengths, vision, influence and resolving conflict. Terrific day!

“Conflict Quotes”: Leadership

 I don’t know about you, but I think we all can use a good reminder about effective ways to accept differences right now. I believe that as leaders we have the responsibility to model dignity and respect for all people, even when we disagree. Here’s a helpful list of reminders to keep us all on track!

Click here for “Conflict Quotes”: Leadership

Unheralded Qualities of Leaders

Love this!  Enjoy! Scott Cochrane has been developing a list of overlooked traits he sees in great leaders and employees. These include small things like being prepared and early for meetings, showing gratitude and interest in others, and giving respect to all regardless of status.

Click here for the full article

From Purpose to Impact

I find it fascinating that of the Five Steps to Leadership Growth, “Purpose” got 10 times as many “hits” on LinkedIn as the other four steps. What is the fascination with purpose? What makes it illusive? How do we find our own unique purpose? Why is it so important to leadership? In the framework I use with leaders in their development, it’s the first step. As you grow in your leadership – honing your “Power of One,” this framework can help both you and those you are developing to stay on course:
1. Purpose
2. Perception
3. Plan
4. Performance
5. Perpetuation
The attached HBR article is an excellent resource to assist you as a leader in identifying and articulating your purpose. Use these tools for yourself, and for those you lead. Enjoy!

5 Steps to Leadership Growth: #5 Perpetuation

Welcome to the 5th step in 5 Steps to Leadership Growth, the framework I use with leaders to help them successfully build their leadership capacity. As we each grow in our leadership, honing our unique “Power of One,” this framework can help us and the people we are developing to stay on course:

1. Purpose
2. Perception
3. Plan
4. Performance
5. Perpetuation

Let’s talk about Perpetuation. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Perpetuation as:
• To make perpetual; preserve from extinction; cause to last indefinitely
• To make something or somebody be remembered

With our framework, it is important to include Perpetuation. It is how we continue the progress we have made and ensure we stay on course going forward.

Perpetuation is the fifth part of the framework, and rather than thinking of it as a final step, it is actually an activity that assures success at every step along the way. Perpetuation demonstrates that what we have learned as leaders in the development process is sustainable over time.

How can we assure that the valuable insights we have learned, the habits we have changed and the commitments we have made to ourselves and others will not disappear and fade from view? What are the key elements of sustainable change?

Well, in a nutshell, the key elements of sustainable change are the ones in the framework!

Your Purpose is a clear statement about your uniqueness and power in your role as leader. Some examples:
? “I want to create a department that attracts the brightest and best so that we can make a significant contribution in changing this company.”
? “My purpose is to keep learning and this job helps me do that – I have to learn new things every day just to keep up and I love that!”
? “My job is to keep solving problems, get to the root of the issues, and reduce risk. This is where I excel.”

Perception is understanding what others think of us and our leadership effectiveness. This feedback is essential to sustainable leadership change. I encourage the leaders with whom I work to regularly and continually asking questions of their bosses, peers and direct reports such as, ‘How can I do better?” “What can I do to develop my contributions as a colleague at work?’ or ‘What can I do to be an excellent leader of this group?’

A Leadership Development Plan encapsulates the feedback you have received, and aligns it with your Purpose. What are the one or two major leadership competencies, that if strengthened, would move you more quickly and efficiently toward your Purpose? What behaviors or habits do you need to change? How exactly will you do that? What help do you need?

In my last post, we talked about the fourth step, Performance. The areas of performance that you want to change are specific to you, your role and where you want to go. I listed some Leadership Performance Tips and put them in the Sustainable Leadership Plan format below.

So how can we be assured of sustaining the change we have stated we want to make? By stating clearly the behaviors/action steps that you are willing to take, by when, whom you need to help, and how you will remind yourself. Every behavior we exhibit, every step we take each day, is actually a combination of many smaller steps and habits. Therefore, to change those behaviors, we need to break them down into smaller steps.

As a personal example, I have had an opportunity to learn about this from my participation in Weight Watchers. I have learned that assuring I eat the foods that will keep me at a healthy weight and exercising to assure I am fit is a combination of many small steps throughout the day and week: planning meals, shopping for food, making sure I have healthy foods at home, keeping track of what I eat, scheduling my exercise sessions, and having a work-out partner to whom I am accountable are all “small steps” in the larger goal of maintaining a healthy weight.

Helping Others With Sustainable Change
We can use this same format in our conversations with those whom we are developing – direct reports, staff members and mentees. Having a format, with clear action steps and reminders, will help reinforce the sustainable change they seek.

My Sustainable Leadership Plan

I hope you find this 5 Step Framework helpful. Enjoy!