Happy Holidays from The Maue Center

Happy Holidays! It seems somewhat surreal to use that phrase, given everything we are experiencing as a nation and a world. And yet, as we have learned in the past year, multiple realities can be true at the same time. Just as in this photo, taken on a windy September morning, storm clouds hover, yet the sun is glistening on the water, and blue is peaking through on the horizon.

This year, we have experienced the grief and tragedy of sickness, death, and loss, we have watched our country divided and harsh realities of racial disparities be evidenced before our very eyes. Simultaneously, we have witnessed the heroic efforts of our healthcare professionals, first responders, and essential workers.  We have been part of companies, organizations and families that turned on a dime, ramping up technology to stay connected and efficiently continue to deliver services. We have seen the generosity of spirit every day in people caring for one another.

Perhaps you, like I, have had the opportunity to be appreciative of a different pace, providing a bit more time for reading and reflection. I find myself steeped in gratitude– for my health and that of those that I love, for the professions and jobs we could continue during this crisis, for the amazing leaders I watch as they take their teams into uncharted waters, with courage and conviction to keep going forward.

Thank you for your courage, resilience and spirit to keep growing during these challenging times. We wish you a season of peace, reflection and gratitude.

Carolyn Maue and the consultants of The Maue Center