Find Your Passion, Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose
Find Your Purpose

This is a great graphic that is available on the Internet. I encourage leaders to use this themselves and with their team members. It helps tease out and clarify what we are passionate about, as well as how we can use this passion to get paid and create a career. Here are some questions to help you get started.

Passion = That which you love +That which you are good at

What do you love doing, that you do even when you are not getting paid? Think back to when you were 9 years old – what did you love doing the most? What do people compliment you on? What talents or skills come easily to you? When do you feel you are soaring in “fifth gear?” (Hint: one of my passions is helping people find their passions!)

Profession = That which you are good at + That for which you can get paid
? What jobs/roles/internships did you love the most? Write down the five factors that made you love that job. What jobs/roles have you had that would do even as a volunteer? Conversely, where have you volunteered where you thought, “Wow, I’d love to get paid for this?” Suggestion: scan Monster or the Sunday Want Ads for 20 minutes. What jobs do you see that jump out at you? What contributions have you made in your jobs/life that make you unique?

Vocation = That for which you can get paid + That which the world needs
? How has what you have done made a difference in the world? What is your unique contribution that changes things for the better? How could you take what you have done to a higher level, one where you have more influence? What is a cause of which you want to be a part? What skills could you contribute to that effort?

Mission = That which the world needs + That which you love
? Go back up there to your “Passion” and write in here that which you love to do, and when you feel like you are soaring along in 5th gear. Now write down here what you believe the world needs. How do these two connect? How can you bring what you love to change the world for the better? You may do this at work, or outside of work. What’s important is to live your mission.

There you go! Try these exercises and let me know your thoughts! Good luck!

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